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wifi connection issue


I'm having a wifi connection issue with my phone.

I will say I've already talked to samsung technical support and they seem to think that verizon is where I need to find the answer.

I have a phone.. a samsung galaxy j2.

it used to connect to my wifi just fine.

one day I came home and my cats had knocked out the power cord of my router so I plugged it back in.

since then, I have not been able to connect to my wifi with this phone. (I do have 8 other wireless devices that connect just fine)

I have not only rebooted the router, I even went so far as to press the red reset button on the router. (this is a 3100 router)

I have used the phones internal system to wipe it out and reload it all from scratch.

I will note that during setup (before any software was loaded on this device) it still wouldn't connect. It won't connect in safe mode.

I have been scouring online and I have tried everything. I have tried every setting this phone has.

during this problem I have gotten a variety of messages when attempting to connect to the wifi.

the first message used to be "Ready to connect when network quality improves"

then I got "Internet May not be Available"

now I am currently getting "sign in to network" when I click on that it takes me to a page (a mcaffee page) that says "you're blocked from the internet right now. Feel free to ask your network owner to unlock the device"


I am starting to get REALLY frustrated that only THIS device refuses to connect.


Who Me Too'd this topic
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