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FIOS internet to basement coax


My ONT is located in an upstairs bedroom. There is coax and ethernet running to a G1100.  There is a tv box connected on the main floor. I have a couple of devices that require wired internet in the basement and running an ethernet cable isn't an option. There is a coax jack in the basement, but I'm not sure if it is live. The closet by the ONT has loose coax wires and 3 connected to a splitter. I assume 1 of the 3 leads to the TV, and another to a jack in the same room that the install tech said was live. 


Assuming I can figure out which loose wire I need to connect to the splitter to get a signal is the basement, could I get internet to the basement that way? And if so:

1) Do I only need a MoCa 2.0 bonded adapter in the basement?

2) What kind of speeds would I get?


3) If the basement line is live, can I move the G1100 down there since there is no need to have it in a bedroom?


Who Me Too'd this topic