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Switch ONT to Ethernet



I have a G1100 Quantum Gateway connect to the ONT via coax.   We use FIOS internet only . . . no TV.   I was told by the Verizon rep that I cannot upgrade internet speed to fast than 100Mbps in this configuration.  The rep further said that a tech visit was necessary to change the ONT from coax to ethernet, and yet I read here that many times this change can be done remotely.

My ONT is i-211-M-K.  Any reason that unit wouldn't work for up to gigabit speeds?  The Verizon rep, via chat, said a tech has to come out "because of how it's wired".  I'm thinking I could just run a cat5 or cat6 cable from the ONT to the router then call them and tell them to turn on the ethernet.


If a tech visit is necessary, then ok.   But it's expensive, so I'd like to be sure.


Appreciate input.


Who Me Too'd this topic