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G-3100 wifi keeps dropping out


I recently installed a G-3100 as part of a plan upgrade.


I have two wi-fi networks in my home. The G-3100 provides one and an Apple Time Machine (backup disk for 3 computers) is the second. All wi-fi devices in the home are Apple except our printer and stereo receiver.  The only device that can take advantage of the 802.11ac speed of the G-3100 is my 2020 Macbook Air, all other devices can only connect as 802.11n which is the max speed of the TM network.


I have set the G-3100 network as the default for my laptop, all other devices only connect to the TM network. However, I often find the laptop has switched over to the TM network, suggesting it has lost the connection to the G-3100. Once connected to the TM network, it never switches back by itself. 


Verizon touts the wider range of the G-3100 but I'm finding the exact opposite to be true. Anybody out there run into this and found a solution other than buying an extender?

Who Me Too'd this topic
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