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Re: Website and App Issues when using my own router


You can ignore the error in #1. It is trying to poll the Verizon router for whether or not the SON feature for Wi-Fi is enabled. With the router unplugged, it won't be able to do that. 


For IPv6, very few areas have IPv6 on FiOS, as they are performing a slow roll-out. Rumor on DSLReports has it that there are some issues happening in some areas that need to be resolved by a vendor or by a software upgrade which Verizon will need to do prior to IPv6 being deployed. But settings wise, set your ASUS router to use "DHCPv6-PD", Stateless Addressing, and request a prefix size of 64. When IPv6 is ready in your area, your router will receive an address from the network, and your home network will receive an IPv6 block.

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Who Me Too'd this solution
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