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Fios connection speed limiting number of wireless devices?


Recently my wireless connection has begun to drop in and out. I notice it mostly on my TV when I'm trying to stream and on one of my laptops. I called Verizon and the tech told me that I have too many devices for my 100Mbps connection.  I have > 15 devices connected, but with only 2 people in the house I find it hard to believe this is correct. When not in use, most of the devices, while connected, aren't doing anything other than background data (phone texts, emails, etc.) I was told it doesn't work that way and given the example that if I have a 100Mbps connection and 10 devices they would be splitting the bandwith with 10Mbps each. I know this is untrue, as Neflix tells me I'm streaming at > 15Mbps. She told me my only solution was to upgrade to Gigabit internet. I think it is the router itself.  My wired connections have no issues. All the wireless devices that are having issues say "Network connected, no internet" as the error message.


Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Who Me Too'd this topic
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