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Re: Fios connection speed limiting number of wireless devices?


Try rebooting everything first as well to see if fixes it, no internet is not speed related issue


From your comment "Network connected, no internet" it does sound like something going on with your wireless radio(s). Does that message appear on all wireless connected devices at the same time?


got anything measuring the performance of your network? If you don't get that in place. Some initial thoughts :


- CPU / memory of your equipment -- is the CPU constantly maxed out? Is the RAM?
- how much up and download you're using of your 100Mbit pipe -- are you constantly near or at your maximum pipe limits?
- what is the signal strength you get of your wifi signal? Are there competing wifi signals nearby that is interfering?


If indeed your wired hosts don't have this problem WHEN your wifi host do, seems to point to a wifi specific issue. My next steps would be :


a) ping between an affected wifi host to your router's 192.168.x.x IP address. If successful, move up the chain towards whatever it is on the internet you're trying to get to : Netflix, Google, etc.

b) refer again to my suggestion to measure the wifi signal strength. I'm not talking in stars/bars/good/better/bestest, I mean an actual decibel value. There's several recommended softwares for Android and Windows for this precise purpose.


if I have a 100Mbps connection and 10 devices they would be splitting the bandwith with 10Mbps each.

Not entirely, but understanding that would involve delving deep into how TCP and UDP work. Again, having something to measure how much of your pipe is being used would determine whether you need to upgrade your internet package or not, rather than relying on the ISP's "advice."


Final thought, out of your wifi hosts, the phones obviously cannot be put on a wired connection. Honestly it sounds like the best way to save your sanity is put what you can on wired, leave the rest and deal with it the best you can.

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