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Re: Commercial volume too loud!


@TotallyAnnoyed wrote:

I’m using an iPad and FiOS TV. It is unbelievably annoying that the commercials are so loud. I’m watching something and every time the commercial comes on I have to run over to the iPad and turn down the volume down after the commercials I have to turn the volume back up. I wonder if Comcast has a similar problem…??? Might be worth finding out.

It isn't Verizon that is responsible for that, it is the broadcasters and the advertisers that use compression legally, but irresponsibly. The commercials are over-compressed, so they still meet government standards for maximum level, but EVERYTHING in them is at that level versus programming that has loud and soft levels. Also some commercials take advantage of surround to blast sound from the surround speakers that are normally for effects. nothing Verizon can do about that. You can add your own compression to bring the two closer together, but you will be compromising the overall sound quality.

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