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Re: Verizon adapter for wired PC


If you want a wired connection in a specific room, you have several options:


  • Install an Ethernet cable from the router to the room in question. 
    This is the best option, as it provides speeds up to 1Gbps and doesn't require any additional equipment.
  • Install a Verizon extender.
    This is the next best option if you have an active coax port near the router and the desired location.  The extender works by establishing a link to the router over coax using the MoCA system.  Speeds are limited to 400Mbps or so depending on your router model.
    If you don't have coax available, it would need to be installed.  At that point, might as well install Ethernet.
    Note Verizon sells extenders with and without WiFi.  If there is no need for WiFi at the remote location, get the cheaper Ethernet only adapter.
  • Use a non-Verizon power line or phone line extension system.
    This is the least desirable option.  Depending on technology and how your home is wired, these approaches will have varied results in speed and reliability.

Note that 2.4GHz WiFi is perfectly fine to use.  While it's been around longer than 5GHz and many older devices only support 2.4Ghz, it can be plenty fast and has better range than 5GHz.  If the device in question is getting good signal and speed over 2.4GHz, I suggest you keep using it.


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