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What is your average WiFi speed?


So here is my story, I just bought the TP-Link Decos M9 plus, was so excited about expanding my WiFi coverage, before installing them I had my fios router G1000 I think, I also had my ASUS N66u connected as AP and my fios router with WiFi disabled. So the Decos were going to replaced my ASUS, I installed all the Decos, setting as AP just like my ASUS but for some reason they were giving me slower speeds all over the house and divides were getting disconnected or asking for password again, or showing incorrect password, kept fighting with setting and restarts and factory default the Fios router, nothing helped, then I called Verizon and automated system said there was something wrong with my connection and they restarted my ONT box, so I plugged back in my fios router, all seems ok but of course speeds are weird and they were some disconnections and internet will go down for like a second then come back on so I figured I will just use my ASUS as my router replacing the Fios router, so I did but speed are in the range of 180/250 , is that what everyone is getting with a plan of 400/400 or am I asking for to much, even when I have devices right next to router it gives me those speeds sometimes is 250/450, uploads are good so it seems, I will connect the tp links by the weekend , I got to upgrade the firmware on them and I’ll report back. 

I should say that my hard cable connections have always been 500/550 on wired but wireless is what I am questioning. Thanks for any input or sharing of your speed. 

Who Me Too'd this topic
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