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Copper Contributor
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Do I need my Fios G1100 anymore?


Perhaps a simple question, but do I need to use my G1100 anymore? 

My internet comes in from the Fios box on the outside of my home on Cat6 Ethernet. That then plugs into my G1100 which in turn serves my Lan through an ethernet switch. The switch then hooks up to 2 Netgear Orbi (AX6000) devices set up in AP mode (allowing the G1100 to continue to serve as the router).



Fios Box -> (via Ethernet) -> G1100 -> Ethernet Switch -> Wireless APs


Can I take the G1100 out of the picture completely and simplify my network by plugging the ethernet directly from Fios to the Switch which then connect to the Wireless Orbi (re-configured in Router Mode?). Or is the G1100 still serving as a modem as well and it's necessary.


In other words:

Fios Box -> (via Ethernet) -> Ethernet Switch -> Orbi Router & Wireless -> Wireless APs


Note: I ONLY have Internet service through Fios. I do not have television or phone.


If this is this a good idea?

Thanks for your help!

Who Me Too'd this topic