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Re: Fios TV One boxes compatible with Verizon G1100 Router?


@petmic10 wrote:

I'm a current Verizon Fios Triple Play subscriber for the last 10 years. I would like to upgrade to Fios One(4K) boxes only. I spoke to a customer service rep who advised me I need the newest Verizon Router(G3100) to work with the new boxes for $15 a month rental charge.  Something didn't sound right. Based on my research it seems the G1100 that I have does work.


I have these two boxes currently connected via coax.

1) QIP7232-P2

2) QIP7100


I want to replace them with new Fios One(4K) boxes without changing my plan.


I just want to confirm if my current Verizon router(G1100) is compatible with the new boxes?


Thanks in advance.

Yes the G1100 router IS compatible with the Fios One boxes. They push the 3100 because it IS faster and has better wifi reach than the 1100, but if it is working for you, might as well use it.

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