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Re: VMS 1100 to Yamaha Receiver (RX-V371) Dolby Sound - maybe dumb question


@BrianHarg wrote:

I have seen some other posts mentioning that they are no longer getting dolby sound - but they seem to be connecting to soundbars...  I currently am working OK - but it seems my optical cable might be going bad/have a loose connection (I keep losing sounds and have to "jiggle" the cable).  Since I have to get to the back of my boxes, I was thinking to swap out my current connection (video component and the optical sound) to to the Yamaha receiver to just run a single HDMI.  Anyone else running that way - and will I still need to replace the optical cable - or does just HDMI between the two work just fine?

Shouldn't make a difference whether you go HDMI or optical. Both can carry Dolby Digital, just make sure it is enabled in the Fios box settings and in the recievers input menu.

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