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If I update my Verizon Fios set top box, can I use ethernet cable for both internet and TV?


I have FIOS internet, TV and landline.  I want to update my router and want to purchase my own so I can have a mesh system.  I understand that I need an ethernet cable for the new router.  I've also learned that my set top box is very old.  If I update the set top box can I use ethernet for that or am I still stuck with MoCA?

If I'm stuck with MoCA, I've received conflicting information on how to make this work.   I've been told I can use a splitter from the ONT box and I've been told I can't use a splitter.  I've been told I can use two routers, keep the old one for the TV and use the new one for internet, and run the ethernet cable from the new router through the old router, and I've been told that I can't do this.   Bottom line:  How do I change my router (and I don't want to use whatever Verizon wants to sell me--I want to purchase my own) and still watch TV?  Finally, will I need a Verizon tech to do the work?

Who Me Too'd this topic
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