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Unable to connect to the internet after changing my FIOS plan



Over this weekend, I changed my internet plan, and since then I have not been able to connect to the internet. I use a Fios-G1100 router and I have had a 'solid red globe' for a good 2 days now. Verizon won't be able to send a tech onsite until the 16th, so this has become very inconvenient. I have gone through all possible remediation steps such as rebooting the router, factory resetting the router, rebooting the ONT box etc., but still no luck. What else could I do to fix this issue? Any help or guidance with this issue will be greatly appreciated. Below are the details for the plan change (from Verizon's email): 


  • Remove Fios Internet 75/75
  • New Fios Home Internet: 75 Mbps
  • Remove Verizon Fios Internet Service
  • Remove Rent: Fios Quantum Gateway Router
  • New Rent: Fios Quantum Gateway Router
Who Me Too'd this topic