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Registered: ‎10-16-2020

Actiontec MI424WR as Router with GoCoax for MOCA and Keep TV?





I've been searching around, and can't quite find the answer to this question.


I currently have an Actiontec MI424WR (red band, so gigabit ethernet ports) but am upgrading service to 200/200mbps.  I also for various reasons need to keep the triple bundle Internet/Phone/TV.


Problem is I don't have ethernet to a central part of house where current router is (Asus).  The Verizon tech also refused to run an ethernet line anywhere.


My thought then was to move the Actiontec next to ONT in basement, with Ethernet in to the WAN port.  It seems the GoCoax MOCA adapters are a great solution for a MOCA 2.5 network, so could have ethernet in off a LAN port on Actiontec to get the MOCA 2.5 network going.  And keeping the Actiontec lets me keep the DVR/Guide functionality.


My question though, is how do I hook up the coax to the actiontec and gocoax in basement so I keep both the TV/Guide and get the MOCA 2.5 network running?


Thanks for any advice!


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