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Unauthorized FIos On Demand movie purchases/rentals


Beware of fraudulent Fios On Demand movie purchases/rentals. We have been Verizon customers for many years and hardly ever purchased/rented Fios On Demand movies (maybe couple of time a year) and definitely none this year. However, we have been charged 100's of dollars worth movie purchases starting July. We got absolutely no notifications and we found out only when we checked our credit card bill. I called Verizon several times and even spoke to a supervisor but they were absolutely unhelpful and refused to refund our money claiming somebody ordered them! 

First off, some of these rentals occurred when we were on vacation (nobody was home), when we were working and somedays there were 4-5 purchases in 1 day. Secondly, we never received a single notification email from Verizon about any of these purchases, if we had, we would have called them up immediately and cleared up the matter. 

This is a complete scam. I terminated my service immediately and it is obvious based on our past history and the fact something was wrong since we were not getting any notifications (we started getting notifications for these 3 month old purchases after we terminated the service) that there is a glitch in their box but I am required to pay for it. 

I am going to file a complaint with consumer affairs and air my grievances in social media. I have no other recourse. 

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