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Re: Coax splitter for 12 set top boxes - some as far as 80 feet away


@XoomVids wrote:

I can't find any 12-way splitters with Moca.  Can I get a 2-way splitter and attach two 8-way splitters to that?   I see Verizon only  sells 4-way.  What is the best approach?


Problem is every time you split the signal, the signal strength is 3db less. Eventually you get too weak a signal to be usable. You should use a MOCA 2.0 certified 2 way splitter, send one port of it to each of the 8 ways as you describe. All 3 splitters have to be MOCA 2.0 certified. It may or may not work, depending on the starting signal strength. They must pass at least 1650 Mhz. These might work better as they are 6 way instead of 8 way:


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