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Re: Why is Ethernet connection to ONT required for Gigabit service?


@JBell wrote:

I'm upgrading from 100/100 to Gigabit service and also moving to the new G3100 router.  I was told that I'll need to relocate the new router to have an Ethernet connection with the ONT to support the faster speed.  Why is it that the coax can't support above 100mps for connection to the ONT but it can handle 1000mps via MOCA bonded 2.0, or even faster with MOCA 2.5? I don't like that I'm going to need to stick my router down in the garage at the far corner of my house so that it has an Ethernet connection. That will create some other issues to deal with. Pulling Cat6 from the ONT to my preferred router location isn't a realistic option.

The ONT is MoCA 1.1 so that's why speeds over 100 mbps isn't possible. If running ethernet isn't possible you will have to move the router to the garage. Then you can get fios network adapter(FNA) where your router currently is and connect it to a wireless AP. You could also accomplish this with an E3200 but I believe they are $200. The FNAs are only $55. 

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Who Me Too'd this solution
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