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Registered: ‎11-07-2020

Take One America News off Fios


I believe in free speech and diverse views,  however tonight I have seen more than several pseudo news stories that are nothing more than conspiracy theories broadcast under an official looking banner. One America News has broadcasted a literal call to arms, telling people to go buy guns because "socialists and leftists " were coming for your rights. Then less than 30 minutes later they broadcast cultist conspiracies and encouraged outright violence.  I realize this is a reaction to the announcement of the new president elect, however it is completely irresponsible and  dangerous in these political times to broadcast these messages so freely and without fact or basis.  Outlets like One America News,  Patriot radio and others need to be pushed back to the fringes. They do the work of foreign detractors. It is not free speech just incendiary speech. 

A patriot is not a man with a gun, but instead people who defend, celebrate and promote the best of our citizens to the rest of the world. All of our citizens! 

It is completely irresponsible to continue to have internet style hate speech broadcast a medium as powerful as television.  Division, hate and violence are not patriotic values and should not be broadcast freely. That is not free speech.

Please move to take down this network. 

It is not the first time they have promoted outrageous stories but it needs to be the last. 

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