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Frontier mi424wr Rev I Wireless connection speed.


Hi all,


Was hoping someone could assist me on behalf of a friend.


She has the FIOS service and a Frontier MI424WR Rev I router/modem.


She's just purchased a Realtek 8811CU WIFI Adapter, so it capable of connecting on Wireless B/G/N and AC.


I understand her router is B/G/N only, but the adapter for some reason only shows a link speed of 65Mbps. The signal quality is excellent, as the router is roughly 1.5 metres from her desk.


It's a little hard to troubleshoot from my end as I'm in the UK, but I logged into the router and the Wifi type was set to Compatibility mode, so I changed that to Performance mode, but the adapter still only connects at 65Mbps.


Her laptop which also has an Wireless G/N chip, also seems to be limited to the same speed as well.


I was just wondering if there were any suggestions or thoughts as to why?

Who Me Too'd this topic
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