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Re: TV One connection to home theater; new box has no digital audio connection


@Yobjam wrote:

I just received my new Fios TV One boxes and discovered that they only have RCA audio outputs. My existing Fios Arris VMS 1100 has a digital audio connection which sends sound to my Arcam AVR280. RCA connectors don't seem to be sending audio to AVR. 


Any suggested solutions?



If you are talking about the main box, the VMS-4100 which is larger than the IPC-4100 the mini, it has digital optical audio out, composite video and analog audio out via RCA and audio embedded via HDMI. The mini has audio out via embedded HDMI, and comes with a 3/8 mini to 3 RCA audio-video adapter. With the either box, you can't have both HDMI and Composite video connected at the same time. You will not get a signal from both outputs simultaneously. You may need an optical to coaxial digital audio converter for the main box if your receiver doesn't have HDMI in or optical in.

arris_vms4100_angle-l_lo.jpgarris_mc_angle-l_lo.jpgScreenHunter 19.jpgScreenHunter 20.jpgVMS-4100 at top, IPC-4100 bottom








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