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Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎11-16-2020

HDMI Switch audio not working


I am using an HDMI switch for the input of the Arris  FiOS one mini wireless box and a few other inputs such as my Chromecast. I have the audio out in an optical cable to my Polk soundbar and the HDMI out to an Epson projector.  The HDMI inputs work fine when it comes to video and audio for the chromecast and everything other than the FiOS One Mini box, it shows picture fine but no audio at all.


The only time I can get audio to work, is when I unplug the power to everything both the FiOS box and the HDMI switch, and power up the FiOS box first and then power up the HDMI switch. The audio is fine but the video has a green tint to it.


I've tried to change a number of setting but still nothing. Any suggestions?


This is the HDMI switch I am using:

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