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VPN Issues - Employer Blames Fios


I have been working from home since March and had no issue connecting to our work VPN (which allows network file access but does not divert other Internet traffic through it).  The last two weeks, however, I am able to connect to the VPN but I get an error the network path was not found when I try to access files.  It often takes multiple re-connections or a reboot to resolve.  IT says it is not an issue on their end and said to reboot all my equipment.  I did and it worked for a few days before the problem returned.


I have a few other co-workers who have this issue.  The commonality is we all have high speed Fios connections with the fiber optic brought into the home into that compact ONT device (I just upgraded in September).  I tried changing the DNS (as someone here said worked for them) but I just had the issue again.  Any other suggestions?

Who Me Too'd this topic
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