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FiOS ONT + Actiontec MOCA 2.5 adapter kit


We are using Verizon FiOS for internet only. The fiber from Verizon comes into the basement of my house, and we are currently using the built in MOCA adapter on the ONT installed in the basement. The coax run is a straight run from the basement to the office upstairs.


The Verizon ONT is one of the newer models that supports 1 Gbps over the LAN adapter, but the MOCA is limited to 100/100. This is the situation that I find myself in: I'm limited to 100/100 Mbps, but I would like a bit faster speeds.


I can have fiber or copper run to that space, but that's a bit involved and costly due to the layout of the house.


I'm thinking that I could just get the Actiontec ECB6250K02 units (MOCA 2.5, 1 Gbps Ethernet), pair them up, and use Ethernet at both ends with the coax in the middle. So, the basement would look like this:


ONT >> Ethernet >> Actiontec MOCA adapter >> coax to office >> Actiontec MOCA adapter >> Ethernet >> My router


Has anyone used this newer model in this way? In terms of performance, what can I expect? Is there anything special to configure on the Actiontec adapters, or is it plug and play? Also, I can just call Verizon support and ask them to activate the ethernet port on the ONT, right? Also, when I do this, I no longer need to use the Verizon gateway modem, correct?



Who Me Too'd this topic