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Registered: ‎12-13-2020

Unable to Return Fios Equipment--I need a label!


I called Verizon to cancel my services before Thanksgiving do to the fact I was moving. The associate on the phone asked for my new address and reassured me that my return box would be along in 3-5 business days with my pre-printed return label. 


Those days came and went and I contacted customer service about this issue and they ordered another one to be sent to my new address. I checked my profile regularly to check on tracking but there was an error message that said it was unabl to be tracked.


AGAIN those 3-5 days came and went. AGAIN I had to contact customer service, was given another order ID number after they ordered me yet ANOTHER return box. During this time, my housemates--who had ordered a replacement router from Verizon for their own account at this new address--received their router with no issue or fault and with their replacement router they had a return label to send their old router back so it's not a matter of the mail office having issues getting it to the house. 


I have TWO separate Order IDs and no way to track these packages. When I try to simply print my own copy of the return label, the button goes nowhere or it says there is an error. I just want my return label so I can give back the equipment. I don't WANT to get charged for this equipment I have no use for!


Please help!

Who Me Too'd this topic
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