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Self service upgrade from 50/50 to 200/200 without ethernet wall port


I am currently using FiOS router G1100 and have 50/50 service. I have internet ONLY service (No TV). It's an old (year 2015) install so only coaxial cable is plugged into the router. I am not sure  if my ONT install is BPON or GPON (Got these terminology from forums).

Verizon raised my monthly fee for 50/50 service. When I called they offered me to upgrade speed to 200/200 with almost same fee. Now I am required to do self-service upgrade and activate service using the link they provided.

1. I watched FiOS support video and it mentioned to plug an Ethernet cable from WAN port (white color) router into wall Ethernet port. I don't have an Ethernet port near my coaxial port anywhere in the house. Can I run a cable from some other Ethernet port in the wall to router? Will that work? I am also reading that wire needs to run from ONT to router Ethernet. Is that also needed?

2. Since I have only internet service from Verizon can I use MoCA converter to provide Ethernet port option? If that's the case my connection setup will be

  From current wall coaxial cable --> MoCa Cable in port --> Moca Ethernet output port --> Fios G1100 WAN port .  Will that be correct setup?


If G1100 still needs a coaxial cable then I am thinking of option 3

3. Current wall coaxial port --> coaxial splitter --> One output of coaxial splitter goes to G1100 router. Second coaxial splitter output --> MoCa coaxial cable in port --> Moca Ethernet output port --> G1100 router WAN port?


I hope I didn't confuse you all. My deadline to upgrade is 21st Jan, 2021.

Let me know which option I should go with? Option 1 or 2 or 3


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Who Me Too'd this topic
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