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Re: Fios One Box keeps downgrading resolution


@Alour wrote:

I have a Yamaha Rx-v6a receiver hooked up via hdmi to a Benq ht3550i projector and the fios one ipc4100 box hooked up via hdmi to the yamaha. I have the 2160p video format set on the fios box which in turn makes the resolution Hdr10 on the projector and am quite happy with the picture quality. When I turn the system off it will go back to 1080i and it is noticeable immediately. I then have to go back every time and change the resolution in the fios box back to 2160p. At times it won't even take the change which is odd and I have to unplug the hdmi and replug it in. This is incredibly annoying, what is the solution? I have read on here that there is a handshake issue between Yamaha and the fios box but how do i resolve this?

First there was a firmware update for that receiver on 10/14/2020. Make sure it has updated. Next I would turn off HDMI upscaling in the receivers video options menu. Next check the setting in the HDCP options menu:

HDMI” > “HDCP Version” > (HDMI input).

If it's on Auto, try 1.4. If 1.4 try auto. Also check the format setting in the HDMI Video format menu. It should match whatever you have the Fios box set to, usually 2160 30P YCbCr 4:2:2

“HDMI” > “HDMI Video Format” > (HDMI input) Usually choose Mode 1.

You may want to go into the Fios Service menu and set the 4K mode to a fixed 2160 30P YCbCr 4:2:2, or if your cables and Projector can handle it 2160 60P YCbCr 4:4:4.


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