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Using your own router with Verizon FiOS/Fios Mini


Hey Techies,


I followed the instructions provided by @JustinG on how to integrate your own router with FIOS Internet and TV. 


This article got me to about 90% of where I want to be. My setup is as followed: 

  • Google WiFi - 3 pucks bridged ONT to Ethernet
  • Actiontec MoCA 2.5 Network Adapter for Ethernet Over Coax 1 Gbps Ethernet, Coax to Ethernet Adapter.

I've totally removed the Verizon G3100 Router with the intention of sending it back to Verizon to bypass paying the $20 monthly rental charge. Now the issue that I am now encountering is that the two Verizon Minis that I have in other rooms along with a Google WiFi puck do not connect to the new wifi SSID. I cannot even find a way to point the connection to the new SSID from the FIOS Mini itself. Is this a byproduct of the limitation of this type of setup? Any advice?



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