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Re: VMS1100 stopped responding to OK button


@eamck wrote:

Just last night, our STB (VMS1100) stopped responding to the OK button on the remote.  We have the original Fios remote and also a Logitech Harmony One, and the same thing happens when pressing OK on either remote:  The STB red light blinks, indicating it has received the command, but then the STB never performs the OK action appropriate to the context.


Rebooting the STB doesn't fix the problem.  Also, my husband mentioned that when he rebooted the box he briefly saw "d01 E00" on the STB display.

I have seen other threads in this forum on the topic, but they are all pretty old.  Has anyone else had this trouble lately?


Did he simply use the menu to reboot or did you unplug the power for 3 minutes or so, then plug it back in? Any new dimmable or fluorescent lights in the room?

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