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Never received $200 Visa Prepaid card


When I signed up for FiOS Gigabit I was supposed to receive a $50 and $200 prepaid card as "welcome" bonuses, however, after registering both neither ever came. I contacted support about the issue and was told that the cards would be resent. A few months later the $50 finally arrived, but the $200 was still MIA. I tried contacting support again and again it was supposed to have been handled, but still nothing for months... Plus even then they "fixed" the issue the links in the email they sent me to "track" the status never actually worked.


I decided to try support again today. They said they'll look into it, but gave me the strong impression I'm probably not going to be able to get the $200 card!!!  I mean how is it now my fault that their systems/processes are broken and never actually sent the prepaid card I was promised? 


It seems like the process is set up in such a way to make the who thing so convoluted and hard to track that people just give up. The who ordeal has given scam vibes about this bonus/reward system Verison has set up given that they can just never send the card, then tell you you're **bleep** after months of trying to fix it...

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