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FiOS: On Premise Cable & Connectors


Sorry for the long post 😞


I've been a FiOS subscriber since May 2007. At that time, Verizon's contractor installed a Tellabs 611 ONT in our basement and used a combination of Commscope RG6 coax cable and DS6Q - 04-06 compression connectors to connect the set top box and televisions.


Fast forward to 2021. Is Verizon still using Commscope/Digicon products for on-premise installations?


How "rigid" is the company when it comes to seeing other brands of cable and connectors in use after the fact?


The reason for these questions is that my church recently switched from Verizon DSL to Comcast XFinity for Internet service (I was hoping that Verizon would bite the bullet and make FiOS available to the building, but, Verizon continously refuses).


Comcast had me do the church pre-wire with the RG6 cable they provided (PPC riser rated/white jacketed RG6). I terminated the inside cables with Klein Tools RG6 compression connectors, mounted a grounding block and hooked everything up in preparation for the delivery of the Xfinity equipment.


On the day of the Internet activation, the Comcast technician replaced the grounding block, chopped off the connectors and replaced them with PPC EX6XLs.


When the time comes for me to upgrade my Internet service here at home to something faster than 75/75, will Verizon require me to replace my present cabling (Belden 1189A with PPC EX6XL connectors) before the company will swap out the Tellabs 611 with the Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia equivalent? 🤔

Who Me Too'd this topic
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