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Copper Contributor
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Download 82 MBS Upload 900 after ONT and internet upgrade


Hi All,


I finally had Verizon come out to the house and replace my ONT with a nice shiny new one and switched to Ethernet connection.


This triggered a series of actions that have brought me here today.

  • called verizon, and dropped FIOS TV from my plan, and added Gigabit download
  • went out and bought a Wifi 6 mesh based system and disconnected my Quantum FIOS router
  • after a bit of time waiting for the orders to all process.... it gets me to where i am now

I am getting between 80-86 MBPS down from every device i check from ... wired or wireless and from different tests like, ookla, and the speedtest my new router performs from the hub.


these same tests all show upload speeds around 900 for upload....


I've tried various settings on the router, and powering off etc... I've double checked the ethernet cables.. and the fact that i get over 100 mbps up tells me the ethernet is capable of the speed at least in one direction.


I tried to use the Verizon line test, and it claims i'm getting 900 

My question : is there some switch or something on the ONT that could be preventing the faster download inside my house?


Who Me Too'd this topic