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Registered: ‎03-29-2021

G3100 router DNS error


Intermittent "arca-agent-loader" warning.


Logs state "[DDNS.4][SYS] Fail to start DDNS" error message while the router blinks yellow. Service is restored 5 seconds later.


This happens 2-3 times one day then nothing for a week and then back again once or twice another day. Been happening this way for a while and it's not uncommon I'm rebooting the network at least once every 2 weeks.


TV service never drops. I can't stream a movie from Amazon without heavy degradation 2-3 times during the streaming session. In some cases the streaming session buffers incessantly. I have 75/75 service and the ONT is 19yrs old.


I fathom this is a G3100 software issue but hoping others may have a solution. An appt has been made with Verizon tech.

Who Me Too'd this topic