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Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-05-2021

Fios One - Onkyo 525 issue


From day one of my Fios installation, my setup has stopped working properly.  

I have the Fios One into my Onkyo-525 and the Onkyo into my LG C8 TV via HDMI Arc.


With my old cable box, if I switched from watching TV (Cable on receiver screen) to watching a streaming app (TV on receiver screen,) it would be seamless and there'd be no issues with the sound.  Now, the app starts, and the receiver shows TV, but there's no sound.

If I switch back to cable, (there's always sound,) and FIRST switch to TV through the Receiver remote, THEN switch to TV through the LG remote, it works some of the time.  

What's odd, is it sometimes all works fine the first time I turn on the TV and make the first switch.


If this all seems a little hard to follow, imagine my frustration trying to get it to work.


Any thoughts?


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