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Download Speed slow but Upload speed is fine


Hi there, I'm currently a FIOS 200/200 customer and I've been having some really bad issues with my Download speed. I started out with FIOS at Gb package and was getting 20 Mbps Down and 250 Mbps Up. Verizon refuses to acknowledge there is an issue here and has since blamed my computers, my home network equipment, and even the fact their terminal is in the basement (don't have a choice there, that's where their drop is). We downgraded to 200 Mbps after a tech came on-site and refused to touch the setup because the ethernet cord went from the basement up to our unit on the third floor. They keep saying it's my problem. I'm at the end of my patience in this matter and I'm trying to find a solution in the community. Most recent speed test below. Please someone help me because Verizon is doing nothing to help. They actually tried to upsell me to 1 Gbps because 200 Mbps was not enough to support two people on Zoom from home. See what I'm dealing with here? I'm almost to the point of going back to Comcast because the connection is becoming unusable, where as theirs at least was just slow ish, but I got 200 Mbps down and 90 Mbps up.


Verizon if you're moderating this, take a note and STEP UP.


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Who Me Too'd this topic
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