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Fios G3100 with gigabit (no STB/cable) not working with any repeater/extender, how to extend range?


I have Fios Gigabit with a G3100 router and no TV/cable/STB though I do have coax in the house. The G3100 is in the basement and connected to the ONT via ethernet. I have tried to set up a TP -Link RE650 repeater/extender which cannot seem to connect to the G3100 at all despite disabling SON, disabling 5ghz and attempting to link the repeater to solely the 2.4ghz channel, and/or restarting the whole kit several times. 


I had the same problem with a netgear extender as well, though this did seem to work with my older G1100 previously it does not connect to the G3100. 


My house is a ~2500 sq feet split level so I'm hoping that just one extender/repeater node/mechanism would suffice. 


1. What can I do to connect my TPlink repeater/extender to the G3100?

2. If I cannot use a repeater, can I get an E3200 extender and connect it to the coax in the house for Moca backhaul? If not what would the maximum speed be if I only do a wireless backhaul?

3. Is there a way to set up a mesh network (like an Eero) by connecting the Mesh router directly to the ONT via ethernet instead of all of the above? Would this necessitate the mesh nodes all having wireless backhaul or is there a way to set this up with the coax in the house connected to the router via Moca?

Who Me Too'd this topic
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