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Enclosure Request When Upgrading ONT


A friend of mine upgraded her FiOS Internet this past week. Like me, her ONT was a Tellabs 611.


When Verizon swapped the ONT, the technician removed the guts of the 611, lowered the chassis down on the backboard, mounted the new Al-Lu ONT above the chassis, mounted the power supply on an adjacent wooden support beam and reconnected the house cabling.


At my request, she took "before" and "after" pictures and sent them to me.


I tend to gravitate towards the "neatness" side in my work, so, the after picture looked a little disconcerting.


When looking online at pictures of the Al-Lu ONT, I've seen photos of the unit mounted inside an enclosure. Some enclosures contain just the unit while others contain the unit and power supply.


Despite my 611 being mounted in the basement on a good sized backboard, Verizon included an enclosure back in 2007 when I signed up for the service.


Would it be possible for me to request an enclosure be supplied with the new ONT when the time comes for me to upgrade? 🤔


My 611 was installed inside an enclosure and I much prefer to have connections covered and protected rather than out in the open.


I can attempt to post pictures if desired. 🙂


Who Me Too'd this topic
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