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Copper Contributor
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Fios Internet drops 10-20 times a day. Requires manual reconnection.


This is the first time I have ever posted here. I hope and pray to God/Allah/Aliens that someone from Verizon sees it.


I work from home for a big crappy tech company. We need to have internet service 24/7. Now, I don't even work 8 hours a day, but I do need to at least be available. With that being said, the Fios internet (normal and 5g) legit drops about 10 times throughout the day. Now, when I using VPN, if it drops, I have to reconnect and then reconnect the VPN. Now, when it does reconnect, it says connected, no internet. What exactly am I paying for? This has been happening for such a long time. I will "chat" with the reps, they run some test on the service (which obviously I am using cause we are online) and then tell me "it's ok". I don't even know if they are running anything. I am starting to believe that it might be better to move to comcast. They were at least reliable. I am considering moving, so maybe just let this play out.


PLEASE...for the love of God. Tell me what is going on with your service drops? How is there no protocol of availability? Back to crappy tech employer, we have to have our SaaS available 99% of the time. If they're not, customer wants to know why (outage, disaster, mouse off wheel).


Thank you.


Who Me Too'd this topic
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