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Re: Unknown WiFi device - IEEE Registration Authority


While I mostly agree with your other helpers, here is my two cents.


About MAC/Physical/Hardware Addresses:


#1 They are always sent in the clear, regardless of encryption (think SSL or even WPA2).


#2 It is possible to spoof/clone them.


For a Linksys BEFSR41W, after logging into the NAT router you would click on Advanced and then click on MAC Address Clone


See the UI at


While I have no comments as how to spoof/clone the MAC Address on a normal computer (not a NAT router): So keeping in mind it is possible to spoof/clone them I have an idea.


#1 Change the password for the Wi-Fi link.


#2 Add one computer at a time that is/are authorized to use the Wi-Fi link. Ex If I had an iPhone, I would update the iPhone to what the new password is.


#3 As you add one computer at time (update what the password is), you should be able to figure it out.

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Who Me Too'd this solution
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