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Re: ONT Upgrade Update.


As the OP is a former telco guy, they know the difference between analog and digital.  They know how the circuit switched network is architected and how VoIP works.  The issue is the 5ESS that Verizon uses for landline service has a legacy feature called "Call Intercept."  There is no equivalent feature in the soft-switches used to power FIos digital voice.  The OP's phone service was moved from a line on the 5ESS to an entry in the soft-switch, which he didn't want to happen(*).

OP: Take a look at NOMOROBO.  It's a free service that directs calls in it's database to an intercept message.  The caller can press a DTMF key to be connected.  You can set it up through the FDV web control panel or follow the instructions on  It's not quite Call Intercept, but it helps.  Inbound calls will ring once before interception.  Know that a lot of calls get through because it relies on CallerID, not ANI.  As I'm sure you know, CallerID spoofing is rampant in the spam call "industry."

FDV has lots of other features you'll never find on a 5ESS.  For example, simultaneous ring, voicemail sent to email, and so on.  Check out the control panel to learn more.  You may find you like the new features.

(*) I haven't heard of Verizon keeping Fios lines on the old switches in years.  Every line they move off a 5ESS is one less line they have to pay royalties on, gets rid of those pesky regulations, and gets them closer to full copper retirement.  That's why your request was ignored.

P.S.  Install looks great!  I'm glad they were able to re-use the enclosure.   Sounds like you made friends with the tech, which is a great way to get what you want.


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Who Me Too'd this solution
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