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Using a pair of G1100 routers


Hi all,

I feel somewhat stupid for asking this, because I'm sure the answer is somewhere on these forums, but I've been unable to find it thus far. 

I have a G1100 plugged in at one corner of my house, but I'm unable to pick up its signal in my workspace at the other corner of the house. At the moment, I've been using a 100 ft ethernet cable run from that router to my workspace. However, I have some devices with me that I can't really use at the moment, as they depend on wifi (phone, printer, laptop, etc.). I discovered that we kept my wife's G1100 from her old house so I was hoping I might be able to use the ethernet cable I ran from the first router, plug it into this second G1100, and use it as a second source of the signal, but I'm struggling. I've managed to turn it into bridge mode, so devices that can wire into the LAN ports are getting internet, but this doesn't really solve the problem of the devices that need the wireless signal. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Who Me Too'd this topic
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