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g3100 Coax Cable Not Recognized


I'm at my wit's end with this. I have Fios gigabit service, the ONT in the garage connects to G3100 through ethernet and coax cable in the walls of the house. I have a Tivo Bolt with a cable card connected via the coax cable, 4 Tivo mini's connected to the Tivo Bolt via Moca network, and a Fios Network Adapter connected to the Moca network to get ethernet in my office for my desktop and network storage unit.


All was working last night. One of my devices wasn't connecting to the wifi network, and since I couldn't figure out why I rebooted my router. When it came back up, nothing connected to the Moca network was working. The router has an internet connection and shares it via wifi and ethernet. But the network adapter is not getting a Moca signal and the Tivo mini's have no connection to the Bolt or internet so they're not working at all. The main Tivo unit with the cable card is getting cable TV signal, but does not have an internet connection as the Moca network is down.


In the router settings it shows Coax status as "cable disconnected". Nothing changed in my physical setup to cause this. I quadruple checked, the coax cable is tight on both ends. Just to be sure, I switched the coax cable going from the wall jack to the router, but that didn't fix it. In the router settings I disabled and reenabled the coax connection a few times, no change. I rebooted the router a few times, and then did a factory reset. All still the same.


I had a long session with tech support by phone, but they couldn't see any problem. They scheduled a tech visit, but I want to see if there's anything else I can try on my end. I haven't reset the ONT as it's in an awkward place for me to get to. And because the Tivo unit is getting TV signal I am pretty sure the ONT is still connected via coax cable. But I could try resetting it if that might help. The only other thing I can think is the router's coax input is damaged.


Anything else I can try to get it fixed?


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Who Me Too'd this topic
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