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Re: g3100 Coax Cable Not Recognized


Given your description, you have Internet delivered through Ethernet from the ONT. So, the ONT does not use MoCA to communicate with G3100, and the ONT will not be a part of the MoCA network. Nonetheless, this does not imply the ONT coax cable can be disconnected from your MoCA network.


I think there was some confusion. FNA stands for Fios Network Adapter, which is your ECB5240M. I asked you to connect only the G3100 coax with ECB5240M coax. I has not asked you to test the MoCA connection between the G3100 and the ONT. There will be no link and should not be a link.


Regarding the service charge, if the technician finds the issue originates from your configuration error instead of product defects, you are most likely to be charged.

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Who Me Too'd this solution
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