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Weak Wifi signal on 2nd floor


I recently upgraded from 100/100 to 200/200 which required that I move the Quantum Gateway router (G1100) down to my basement. Now I have very weak signal on the 2nd floor of the house. I looked at replacing the G1100 with a G3100, but may still have the same signal problem based on some forum posts. The next option to consider is to add an extender from Verizon (WCB6200Q02) which connects using coax. Two questions if ethernet is available throughout the house: 


1) Can I connect the extender (WCB6200Q02) using ethernet instead of coax?


2) If I purchase the G3100, can the old G1100 be set up as an extender or access point using the ethernet connection?

Who Me Too'd this topic
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