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G3100 AP Repeater Mode




Does anyone know if the G3100 can be configured for AP/bridge/SON-repeater mode as a replacement for E3200 and external (4-port) switch. My thinking is to use a second G3100 in AP/bridge/SON-repeater mode with primary G3100 in default configuration to replace an E3200+switch. I understand that the cost is significantly less to use an external switch for adding more than the two ethernet ports available on the E3200 but would like to know if it's possible to configure the G3100 in "E3200-mode" for the additional two ethernet ports to avoid needing an external switch. Meanwhile, it would have been great if the E3200 included 4-ports, same as the G3100, for pennies more in manufacturing cost, but oh well.

Who Me Too'd this topic
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