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Re: Is Arris the best STB ?



  Just replaced a 5 year old Motorola STB with a new Arris. STB. The Guide background is black with gray letters/numbers which is difficult to read and cannot be changed. Also when using Favorite buttons I first needed to open the Guide then uncheck the Favorite box then able to use all the Subscribed stations. A real po ain to do this. 

  Also next week getting a new 65" t

Samsung and like to know the best STB from Verizon? One that will give best picture and sound? Thanks

The Arris boxes are the latest and best from Verizon. They are the only 4K capable units, and can output 4K HDR given the correct source programming. The VMS can output HDMI and composite video simultaneously, and has an optical output, the IPC can only output 1 signal at a time. They both have advanced video processing compared to the older boxes. Just make sure the input you use on your new TV is setup to accept 4K HDR or you won't get the best from the boxes.

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