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Sub domain name no longer resolves to local IP after getting new router.


I have a computer that runs windows Apache server and prior to me getting my new router G3100, I originally had FiOS Gateway router and I have a domain name registered and I created a sub domain name that points to a local IP address so when I visit the sub domain name let’s just call it for the purpose of this question, anyone who is on my net work visit this website “”, would be able to see my website running. Anyone who is not on my home Wi-Fi network and tries to access that website of course they would not be able to view anything and probably get server not found.

After getting my new router which was pretty easy to install, when I try to access, I get server not found even though I have looked up the DNS and it points to the correct local IP address, when I visit the local IP address I’m able to see my website but for some reason with this router I’m not able to see my website unless I manually type in the IP address or I create a DNS record on the router on the router itself even though when I had my old router I didn’t have to create a DNS record on the router itself, I did it from my Web posting control panel.

Who Me Too'd this topic
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