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Re: self- install successful - FiOS 300/300 internet only set up with my own router. Now... FiOS TV


As others have noted, you need a Verizon router as primary to get the latest boxes working.  Even though you say you don't care about the guide, the boxes need the guide to work.  That's how they know what channels you're subscribed to, how to map channel numbers to specific MPEG2/4 transport streams, and much more.  The boxes simply don't work if they don't have an internet link to Verizon's network.


The correct way to solve this problem is to buy a used G1100 online for well under $50, make it primary, turn off it's WiFi and then stick your preferred router behind it.  Then, the Verizon set-top-boxes will be happy and  you'll have your preferred router running your home network.


The G1100 is also a decent router in it's own right.  Depending on what your needs are, you may find it works for you.  I'm still using my many years old G1100 as primary with a TP-Link mesh network behind it.  Works great for my needs!  And I've gigabit service with several Verizon set-top-boxes.


You could also forgo the Verizon set-top-boxes and use a TiVO.  You'll need to rent cable cards from Verizon, but they don't need a Verizon router to work.  Some people love this approach.


And, you can plug the coax from the ONT directly into a cable ready TV.  This isn't great, as it only gets you the unencrypted channels, so no premiums.  Channel numbers are funky with this approach, and could change if Verizon re-arranges RF channels or transport streams.  Very few people use this option.

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