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Re: STB intermittently prompts “reboot media client”


@PeterMontclair wrote:

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve tried

everything you listed. 


The box giving the trouble is IPC 1100P2.

i upgraded equipment about 2 years ago. The installation was in 2007. I assume original splitters but technicians have been here several times over the years, so I don’t know. All connections are tight and I did reboot the ONT. The SNR reads “GOOD”. Sometimes this happens constantly, sometimes I can go days without it happening. 

Since it’s intermittent, I didn’t want to deal with lengthily tech support calls, but unless you have an idea how to troubleshoot more, I guess I’ll have to.

If you have more than 1 IPC, try swapping their locations. If the trouble follows the box, you probably have a bad box and need to get it replaced. If it stays at the location, your wiring or splitter is suspect. I'd replace the splitter first, then look at the wiring. If you only have 1 IPC, try swapping it and the VMS and see what happens. If the problem moves with the IPC you have to get it replaced. If it happens with the VMS it is a wiring or splitter issue.

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